Discounts for Students and Military Personnel at Towson Barbershops: Explore the Benefits

Towson University offers a variety of services and discounts for veterans and military personnel in Maryland. From interest-free loans to tuition reimbursement programs, there are a range of benefits available. The University System of Maryland provides academic credits for education and training received in the military, while the Maryland State Tuition Assistance Reimbursement (STAR) program reimburses members up to 50 percent of tuition and fees at all colleges and universities supported by the State of Maryland, as well as at some private institutions and trade schools. Disabled veterans are also eligible for a full exemption from property tax in Maryland, as well as free travel in the Maryland Transit Administration (MTA) systems.

At Towson barbershops, students and military personnel can take advantage of a range of discounts. The State Employees Credit Union of Maryland (SECU) is the primary financial partner of SECU Arena and Towson Athletics, offering discounts to members. Veterans who have earned honorary leave receive 10 points that are added to the Maryland civil service exam for access to state positions. Non-resident spouses of military service members stationed in Maryland may also be exempt from Maryland state income tax.

Veterans and disabled veterans have preference when applying for federal, state, county, and local government positions in Maryland. Additionally, veterans who reside in Charlotte Hall with a service-related disability rating of 70 percent or more are fully covered by the VA. Furthermore, if you're a Maryland resident stationed out of state and on leave in Maryland, you can hunt in Maryland without a license. The Maryland Department of Veterans Affairs is an excellent resource for those looking to transfer credits from their branch of service to a university degree program in Maryland.

You can also take advantage of discounts on vehicle registration and help with employment. Explore the current version to find out more about the discounts available for students and military personnel at Towson barbershops.

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