Sanitation Protocols in Towson, Maryland Barbershops: Ensuring Customer Safety and a Pleasant Experience

As a barbershop owner, it is your responsibility to provide an excellent, satisfying, and pleasant service experience to your customers. But your duty doesn't end there; you must also take all necessary steps to ensure their safety and health when they enter your store. To maintain professionalism in the fields of barbering and cosmetology, we urge you to report any unlicensed activity in writing. Employees who work in barbershops, beauty salons, bars, and other beauty salons can be exposed to a variety of hazards. The chemicals, razors, dryers, and hot irons used in these businesses can cause accidental injuries.

If your company offers services that go beyond hair, such as manicures or pedicures, the risks may increase with those services. To become a barber-stylist, candidates must prove that they have completed 900 hours of training at a barbering school or 1650 hours as an apprentice barber-stylist at an authorized barber shop, and meet the requirements through an examination conducted by the Board. But only someone who understands the terms “disinfect” and “sanitize” can guarantee a well-cleaned, tidy and safe barber shop for their customers - especially in the era of COVID-19. In Towson, Maryland, barbershops must adhere to certain sanitation protocols to ensure customer safety during their service experience. Barbershops must use disposable items such as towels and capes for each customer. All tools used on customers must be disinfected between each use.

This includes scissors, combs, clippers, razors, and any other tools used during the service. All surfaces must be wiped down with a disinfectant after each customer. This includes chairs, counters, sinks, and any other surfaces that may have come into contact with customers. Barbershops must also provide hand sanitizer for customers to use before and after their service. Customers should also be encouraged to wear masks while in the shop.

Finally, all employees should be required to wear gloves while providing services. By following these sanitation protocols, barbershops in Towson, Maryland can ensure customer safety during their service experience. Not only will this help protect customers from potential health risks associated with the services provided by the shop, but it will also help create a more pleasant experience for everyone involved.

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